Have your mail scanned and emailed to you
mail scan and email

Get your mail securely scanned and emailed to you.

After your mail has been scanned and emailed you can choose to have the originals shredded, stored or forwarded to you anywhere in the world.

The mail scanning service consists of the monthly fee and a cost per scanned page. If the mail is then forwarded by post you will be charged postage and handling fees.

Mail storage costs depend on the amount of storage space used unless it is included within your existing mailbox allowance. Mail shredding is free of charge.

You can pay scanning fees on a PAYG basis or regular monthly payments.

If you choose to use this for mail scanning only without any mail forwarding your original mail will be automatically shredded once it has been scanned unless you add the bolt on to include mail storage. Without it we do not hold your original mail.

If you have an existing mail forwarding package, your mail storage is already included.

This is a Bolt-On so you will need to purchase a mailbox package in order to activate it.

£36.00 yearly
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Quick Summary

Mail Scan Bolt-On

  • Pay monthly / yearly
  • Add scan and email bolt on
  • Mail can be shredded or stored
  • Use with mail forwarding address
  • Mail can be forwarded worldwide


Mail is scanned the same day we receive it. We usually do the mail scanning in the afternoon.

Mail scans are sent to the email address you have provided. 

We receive your postal mail, scan it and email it to you. You inform us whether to forward, shred or hold the original for collection. We automatically shred it unless you tell us not to.

Yes. If you are an existing customer you can add mail scanning as a bolt on.

The mail scanning service costs £0.50 per scanned page plus any postage costs if your mail is forwarded by post. 

New customers should select your chosen mailbox address package, complete the order form and make the payment online.  
Existing customers should choose the Mail Scanning Bolt On and make the payment online to add it to your account.  

Mailbox Service:
Scan and email
Other Uses:
Scan and forward, shred or store
Postage Inclusive:
No. Charges apply if mail is forwarded
Mail scanning costs:
£0.50p per scanned page
Mail Forwarding Included
No. See Bolt-ons to add mail forwarding.
Mail Storage Included
No. See Bolt-Ons to add mail storage.