starter personal or business address hire
mailbox 10 mail forwarding address

If you want a personal correspondence address or business mailing address and expect a low amount of mail, this is for you.

  • We provide you with a proper street address and not a PO Box
  • You can use it for business or personal mail and small packages.
  • You can customise the mailbox to suit your needs by adding optional bolt-ons.
  • Each bolt on serves a different purpose so you can tailor it to suit your needs
  • Once you have signed-up and registered, you use our address as your own.
  • When we you receive your mail we forward it on to you. Pay monthly or yearly.
  • We will forward your mail to anywhere in the world. You pay the shipping costs.

Perfect for small business owners, online sellers and individuals who need a personal or business address with mail forwarding to anywhere in the world.

£18.00 monthly
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Quick Summary


  • Suitable for moderate users
  • Up to 10 mail items forwarded
  • Mailing address for one name
  • More names can be added
  • For personal or business use
  • Up to 10 mail items forwarded.
  • For one name only but option to add extra names.
  • Mail forwarded daily/weekly to your address.
  • Mail forwarded worldwide by first or second class post.
  • No hidden charges. Only pay for postage and forwarding costs.
  • Postage credit balance required. Buy top up credit online.
  • Discreet, secure, confidential and cost effective.
  • Option to customise with bolt-ons e.g. Registered Office.
  • Easy In - Easy Out - No long term contracts.

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Postage Funding Options

Each time your mail or packages are forwarded we debit your postage account. This is why we ask you to keep your postage account in credit by topping it up on a regular basis.

We offer a few options to help simplify paying for your postage and shipping expenses.

  • Select :: Choose your top up amount
  • Customise :: Choose payment method
  • Top Up :: Buy and pay easily online

(one time or monthly payments)

What Method Should You Use to Top Up?

Options include:

  • Prepaid
  • Top Up Credit

The prepaid option lets you to pay for postage and shipping expenses ahead of time by purchasing postage credit. It involves an initial deposit and a regular monthly fee to cover postage credit. If your use exceeds your credit balance you can top up your account at any time.

Options include:

  • Recurring payments via Paypal
  • Recurring payments via Bank Standing Order / ACH
  • Cheque / Postal Order (extra fees may apply)
Top Up Credit

After your initial deposit has been used, you can add postage credit top ups to your account through our website or directly from your Paypal account.

Options include:

  • Buy Top up credit online
  • Pay easily using PayPal or credit/debit card
  • Buy Top up postage by phone

After choosing your postage top up amount, and selecting pay, you will be taken to the PayPal site to pay for your postage using your PayPal account.

If you are not a registered PayPal user you can pay using your credit or debit card. No Paypal account is needed.


Maildroppers is a leading mailing address provider based in the UK. We offer affordable Personal Address and Business Mailing Address hire, Mail Forwarding, Returns Address hire, Registered Office address hire, Directors Service Address hire and worldwide mail and parcel forwarding services.


We provide personal and business address hire, mail forwarding, returns handling and virtual office or registered office address services for clients from all over the world. If you need more from your mail forwarding account such as a Registered Office Address, additional names, domain name address services, drop-shipping or similar services, you can customise things to suit your needs with our flexible range of bolt-ons.


Our competitively priced Virtual Address packages are designed to be used by anyone who needs a mailing address and mail forwarding from within the UK to anywhere in the world. We provide services to both personal and business customers.

Whether you are starting your own business, expanding an existing business, or looking for a reputable organisation to forward your personal mail, drop-ship your products or handle your returns, we offer an affordable solution with our range of flexible mail handling packages and bolt-ons.

  1. You choose a mailbox package based on the volume of mail you expect to receive.
  2. You optionally customise the base package from our range of bolt-ons.
  3. You pay a one-off non-refundable fee to cover set up and administration costs.
  4. You choose the initial advance postage deposit for your mail forwarding costs.
  5. After your payment we ask you to complete an Agreement form and return it with proof of ID.
  6. You tell us which address you are using from the choice of addresses we send to you.
  7. You can start using the address right away. We complete the setup of your account.
  8. You pay us monthly and top up your postage account when needed.


Yes. Street address only. Not a PO Box or Suite No.

Yes. Mail is forwarded weekly unless you upgrade to daily forwarding.

No. You need a mailbox package which includes collection or you can add it as an optional bolt on

Yes. Up to 10 letters/small packages allowance is included

You can add an optional bolt on to use the address as a Registered Office for Companies House requirements.

We are required by law to hold proof of ID and proof of address documents for anyone using our mail forwarding services before your account can become active.

Mailbox Service:
Mailing address with mail forwarding
Mailbox Allowance
Up to 50 small mail items forwarded
Mail Collection
No. See Bolt ons to add mail collection
Receive Letters
Yes. Up to 10 letters/small packages allowance
Receive Parcels
No. See Bolt ons to add parcel receiving
Yes. We sign for letters and small packages
Postage Inclusive
No. Postage and stationary costs charges apply
Pay Monthly
Yes. Option to pay on a monthly basis
Cancellation Terms
Cancel by giving 4 weeks notice at any time
Inclusive Names
One. See Bolt-ons to add extra names
Scan and Email
No. See Bolt-ons to add Scan & Email
Registered Office
No. See Bolt-ons to add Registered Office
Optional Add Ons
Add Extra Names

The core mail handling package is for one name only. Extra names can be added as optional bolt-ons for an extra monthly fee per name.

Add Parcel Handling

The core package is for handling mail and small packages classified up to large letters. You can add parcel handling for an extra monthly fee.

Add Registered Office Address

For a modest extra fee you can add a Registered Office Address, or a Directors Service Address and use it as an official Business Mail Address.