Add extra people to your mailbox address
add extra names to your mailbox

You can add more names to your maildroppers mailbox account at any time with the extra names bolt-on.

Every one of our mailbox accounts can receive mail for one named person and one named business. Use this bolt on if you need to add more personal or business names.

You will need to provide proof of ID for every extra name added to your account.

Add additional names to your mail forwarding, mail scan and email or parcel forwarding account.

£36.00 yearly
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Quick Summary

Extra Name Bolt-On

  • Pay monthly / yearly
  • Use with mail forwarding address
  • Mail can be forwarded worldwide


There is no limit to the number of names you can add to your account.

If each person added to your account has a  different address it would be easier if they opened their own account.

Yes. We need two proofs of ID for each name you add to your account.

Yes. Provided your mailbox account has the collection facility included or you add it as a bolt-on. Proof of ID is required before mail is released.

Mailbox Service:
Add extra people to your mailbox account
Postage Inclusive:
No. Charges apply if mail is forwarded
Mail Forwarding Included:
No. See Bolt-ons to add mail forwarding
Mail Storage Included
No. See Bolt-ons to add mail storage
Mail scanning included:
No. See Bolt-Ons to add mail scan-email
Cancellation Terms:
Cancel by giving 4 weeks notice at any time